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Manhattan Beach

Approximately 3.8 million tourists arrive in Manhattan Beach every year. Manhattan Beach's largest employer is Target, followed by Skechers, Macy's, Fry's Electronics, and Marriot. Manhattan Beach is located on Santa Monica Bay's southern end. Manhattan Beach has 2.1 miles of beach.

Location: 19 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles on the southerly end of Santa Monica Bay;

County:  Los Angeles

Airport:  3 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport

City Area:  3.88 square miles

Beach:  2.1 miles of beachfront, 40 acres of recreational beach area in total

Pier:  Manhattan Beach has a scenic 928-foot-long pier at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard. Fishing is permitted all year

Parks:  There are 48 acres of major parkland in Manhattan Beach, in addition to the 21 acre Manhattan Beach Parkway

Residential Area:  49.1%, or 1224 acres, of Manhattan Beach's citywide land area is residential

Paved Streets:  There are 120 miles of paved streets

Elevation:  120 feet above sea level

Rainfall:  Average annual rainfall of 12.07 inches

Temperature:  Average temperature ranges from 70º F in summer to 55º F in winter

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