Homeowners Resources



Information from

Better Homes & Gardens


Gardening Q&A

All your questions answered at Garden.org

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Kitchen & Bath Contractors

Call in the big guns listed with the NKBA. (SCV area)



The FTC is aware of many methods being used to scam you.

Experts Panel


A guide to local contacts and your state reps.


Gardening Forum

A greenhouse worth of information at Bett

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Home Improvement

Expert tips from Hometips.com


Hiring A Contractor

What to look for when hiring a contractor.

Men with Calculator

Taxes and Your Home

What you can deduct and what you can't. Nerd Wallet.

Green Waste Recycling

Being Green

The Green Santa Clarita site covers recycling, water & more.

Gardening Tools

Plant Encyclopedia

Geraniums vs. Orchids vs.... you get the idea...

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Energy Saving Tips

25 Energy Tips

Welding Inspection

Home Inspections

FAQ's about getting a VERY necessary home inspection.

On Fire

Disaster Prep

Take the Red Cross quiz to see if you've got your bases covered.


Grocery Store Guide

A Google-based map of every grocery store in the SCV.