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Bakersfield has long been known as a stopover for those traveling between Los Angeles and San Francisco. But people who consider putting down roots in the area will find a healthy job market and an affordable place to raise a family.

In fact, it's Bakersfield's strong sense of community and family and its booming oil and agriculture industries that keep the region thriving.

Bakersfield has hundreds of miles of bike paths and lanes and nearly 60 parks, offering locals plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, residents are a short drive from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and some of California's expansive national forests.

BAKERSFIELD (ZIP CODES: 93301, 93306, 93309, 93313, 93384, 93389, 93304, 93307, 93311, 93314, 93385, 93390, 93305, 93308, 93312, 93383, 93387)

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